Hi there! I’m Megan Denby. I am a natural light photographer and I specialize in heartfelt and authentic images. My grandad always called me Maggie and so, in his honour, hello Maggie photography was born.

A dreamer at heart, I strive to capture those in-between moments of the madly-in-love, the wildly abandoned and the masterpiece that is your family. The way your child holds out their dimpled fingers, or how the wind plays with a tousled curl, or the curve of his lips as he gazes at her – these are the details that draw my eye. Between ensuring your session flows naturally and sharing in lots of laughter, I promise to capture the essence of who you are.
My clients often tell me they love how comfortable I made them feel and they didn’t expect to have so much fun.  
One thing you will never hear me say is, ‘Smile!’. I just guarantee you will.
10 Fun Facts About Me
1. Writing is another passion of mine and I turned some of my jottings into a little book, set in Scotland, called ‘A Thistle in the Mist’. It’s still available on Amazon if you care to know the inner workings of my mind.
2. My favourite TV series is ‘Fleabag’. Quirky, weird and hilarious – my cup of tea!
3. I can mimic pet sounds, voices and mannerisms remarkably well. My daughter’s response is a slight shake of the head and ‘Oh Mama’.
4. I was once in an elevator with Doug Gilmour – just me and him – for 60 heart-stopping seconds. He’s as cute as he looks and a down-to earth guy. Go Leafs!!
5. I have a spiral tattoo, that I designed, on the top of my  right foot that spells out the names of all 6 of my children.
6. As a kid, I thought I was adopted, courtesy of my big sister.
7. I am crazy superstitious, thanks to my Scottish Grandma Ross. NEVER open an umbrella in my house!
8. I can wiggle my ears, just by concentrating – just like my dad could.
9. I became a goalie, with the local ladies hockey league, at the tender age of 47 and played for 6 memorable and fun seasons!
10. I can recite lines from hundreds of movies, a useless talent I have passed on to my kids. ‘You’re killing me, Smalls!’ 

‘Megan truly has a gift and effortlessly captures magic in her work. She does all this while making it fun and helping you feel at ease. Highly, highly recommend hello Maggie photography!’

~ Carol

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

Helen Keller